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We’re available for events in the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas, on weekends and during the week. Get in touch to book us for your event or function.


We’re open Monday to Friday, 4:30 to 8:30am at St Pauls church, 47 Church ave, Colo Vale. You can also find us there most Saturdays, when we’re not at events.

Our story

Lara Coffee Co was born while sitting in a cafe in Brisbane. Both Lalin and Rachel love coffee. While sitting at a table at the cafe with Sam (Rachel’s mum), Lalin said, I wish I could just be a barista full-time. At this point, Lalin was thinking how expensive a cafe would be to set up, and was saying to both Sam and Rachel that the initial investment will be too high. Sam mentioned how she has seen mobile cafes in around town. That is where it all started.

Within 10 days of that conversation, we had already bought a trailer! Fitting out the trailer was a bit of a challenge. We went through a few phases of finding the equipment we like and what will fit in the trailer. That was a big learning experience for both of us.

Lalin already had a good quality coffee machine and was experienced in making coffees, having worked in hospitality in the past. Before he went on to his professional career in Freight Forwarding, he had worked in a cafe for around 3 years. This experience counted a lot towards making great coffee. Partnering up with Rush Roasting Co made the coffee taste amazing.

Rachel always loved being around people and the atmosphere of a cafe, and she definitely knew how to spot a great coffee. Being in to milk alternatives, Rachel was a huge asset in sourcing the best Almond and soy milk as she had the taste buds for it. Rachel dainty touch gave the trailer character and made it a unique coffee trailer.

In September 2018, we registered the company and several months later we moved to the Southern Highlands, that we actually commenced trading.

Who is Lara?

Lara isn’t just one person, it’s both Lalin and Rachel. What better way to start up our idea? We are partners in life and in coffee, and we have a blast working together!

Our team

We are partners in life and in coffee

Rachel Harris


Rachel's taste for coffee is unique in many ways. Enjoying milk alternatives, she has provided great insight what milk alternative products and brands to use.

Lalin Ranatunga


Lalin has always enjoyed a great cup of coffee. This idea just got him to do what he loves. Serving a great coffee to everyone.

What our customers say

We love our coffee, but don't just take our word for it. Let our customers tell you about our coffee.

Andrew Noar

Clean Cuts Southern Highlands

"On the coldest of mornings heading out to work I finally stopped in to Lara Coffee, Rachel and Lalin are so welcoming and friendly and the coffee is not only made quick but it's AMAZING. Il be back guys. 😁😁😁"


Naomi Potter

Happy Customer

"Great coffee friendly service. highly recommend grabbing a coffee off these guys 😊."


Anita Brown

Happy Customer

"Stopped in for a coffee early Saturday morning. great coffee!"


Rob Nelson


Great coffee
Friendly service


Tanya Kerr-Bzadough


I stopped this morning as I remembered you were there so didn’t make my coffee at home! Wow the coffee was great and quick service

I will be stopping every Tuesday morning!

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